Sandy Wilson is a kind, good man who cares deeply about his family, friends and neighbours. His knowledge of Shetland from growing up there is vital to the team when solving their cases.

In series one Sandy’s paternal grandmother Mima Wilson is shot dead with a shotgun at her croft on Bressey. Sandy who is a PC at the time finds her body. He is seen to be very upset at her passing and is determined to help find her killer.

In series two we see Sandy working towards becoming a Detective Constable, as much as he wants the promotion he is saddened at the thought of having to leave his beloved Shetland home for work. His boss DI Jimmy Perez offers to put forward a case to the Scottish Police Service for having a DC based at the Lerwick police station.

In series three Sandy gets together with Jenny a woman with an ex husband in jail for fraud and two young children. Sandy being the good man he is takes on Jenny’s kids and helps to raise them. As Jimmy and Tosh go to Glasgow to help solve their case, Sandy is left in charge in Shetland and seems to flourish in his new found authority - in a good way though!

Sandy is a very loved character and the show just would not be the same without him. Much love too Steven Robertson who plays him!